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          Cooperative design platform based on BIM

          The information of model data is imported into that data of the whole bridge based on the establishment of 3D model, realizing the seamless connection between factory information and engineering information as well as the application of BIM technology in the field of engineering innovation design management.

          Parametric, modular design based on PDM

          The parameterization and modularization model of cable saddle and clamp are defined in the SolidWorks, they are managed by PDM and share model. It will complete design tasks quickly when designers input new technical parameters in PDM.

          Simulation technology based on CAE

          Force analysis and optimization design are carried out on cable saddle, cable clamp and other critical loading components by adopting finite element simulation.

          Virtual reality technology based on CAM

          The automation programming for tower saddle, splay saddle and other products is achieved by UG /CAM module. NC program is also generated, shall be verified and optimized by VERICUT.

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